why Facebook marketing ?

  • 400 Million Global Users, and Counting.
  • Average Facebook User Spends 55 Minutes Per Day.
  • Facebook Fan Box Becoming Pervasive.
  • Average Facebook User Fans 4 Pages per Month.
  • Only 4% of Pages Have 10,000 or More Fans.
  • Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising.
  • Facebook advertising increases brand awareness.
  • Facebook advertising increases website traffic.
  • Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads.
  • Facebook advertising is measurable.
  • Facebook advertising can lower your cost per acquisition.
  • Facebook advertising can drive off-line sales.
  • Facebook advertising increases word-of-mouth and referrals.
  • Facebook advertising can help you build your email list.

facebook advertising services includes

  • Creating and publishing Facebook Fan Pages.
  • Facebook Fan Page Likes/Promotion.
  • Facebook Status/photo Likes.
  • Click To Website.
  • Facebook Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads).
  • Facebook Offer Ads.
  • Facebook Video Ads.
  • Facebook Lead Generation.
  • Facebook Canvas.
  • Facebook App Engagment.
  • Local Traffic Awarness 7 Reach.
  • Dynamic Ads (formerly Dynamic Product Ads)

fun page promotion like & click to website adversting package

adversting package
package AD duration total budget total cost
Starter Plan 10 Days $50 USD Tk. 5,000.00 BDT
Business Plan 20 Days $100 USD Tk. 10,000.00 BDT
Business Plus Plan 30 Days / 1 Month $150 USD Tk. 15,000.00 BDT
Professional Plan 40 Days $200 USD Tk. 20,000.00 BDT
Professional Plus Plan 45 Days $250 USD Tk. 24,000.00 BDT
Economy Plan 60 Days / 2 Months $300 USD Tk. 28,000.00 BDT
Corporate Plan 90 Days / 3 Months $500 USD Tk. 46,500.00 BDT
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post boost package

post boost package
package AD duration total budget total cost
starter package 2 Days - 6 Days $30 USD Tk. 3,000.00 BDT
Business package 2 Days - 10 Days $50 USD Tk. 5,000.00 BDT
Economy package 2 Days - 20 Days $100 USD Tk. 10,000.00 BDT
Corporate package 2 Days - 30 Days $150 USD Tk. 15,000.00 BDT
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Our Facebook Marketing Total Solution.

Different businesses have different needs. Find a plan that suits yours.

Facebook Marketing Packages Startup Enterprice High Volume
Monthly Budget $99/8000 BDT $199/15,000 BDT $299/24,000 BDT
Initial Facebook Page Setup
FB Profile & Cover Design
Facebook Posting
Refer in Other Groups
Profile Management
Hash Tags Creation
Facebook Tab Creation
Facebook Video Uploads
Slides Shares
Manage Quiz/Polls
Competitior Pages Analysis 2 Pages 3 Pages 5 Pages
Geo-Targeted Audience
Deleting of unwanted spam
Facebook Likes 250/month 500/month 1000/month
Group Creation
Like box on Website
Daily Shares
infographic Posting 1 2 4
Blogs Wrtiting & Publishing No 2 4
Monitor Activity
Fortnightly Reporting
Monthly Report
Facebook Ads No Yes Yes
Campaign Strategy & Setup
Campaign Monitoring No Yes Yes
Facebook Ads Creation
Facebook Ads Setup
Facebook Ads Monitoring
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Whatever your business format-distribution, retail, ecommerce-we can handle it.

Client Base : USA, Uk, Canada ,UAE, France ,Japan, Malyashia, Denmark